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Acne is an inflammatory skin disease that mainly  affects adolescents but can persist into adulthood It may  occur on the  face  back  chest and several  types of acne spots can occur,  whiteheads blackheads and pustules. Most but not all acne sufferers have oily skin. Acne is classified as mild  moderate  or  severe and  treatment options vary according  to  severity.
Acne can be  effectively treated with topical or oral  treatments or even a combination of both. 



"I had a number of consultations and treatments at Dr. Ranga clinic. He was always very helpful, approachable and professional. His staff were also very easy to deal with." 

Aidan, Nov '17


Roaccutane (isotretinoin) is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A. It is usually presecribed as a course of treatment which can last from 3-12 months. Roaccutane is a powerful drug and it is only prescribed based on suitability and under strict guidelines and management including regular consultations which may include regular blood tests and pregnancy tests if directed.

It is predominantly used to treat acne vulgaris that has not responded to other therapies, or nodulocystic acne at risk of scarring or hyerpigmentation. 

Many patients see a dramatic improvement in their acne within 4-6 months of treatment. However there are non-responders. 

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