Moles are skin growths and can appear anywhere on the skin. They are usually brown in colour but can be blue, black, or flesh-collared. Most moles are harmless and don’t cause pain or other symptoms unless you rub them or they bump against something.  But everyone should have their moles checked annually and know how to perform their own checks regularly too. Single mole or full body checks can be performed by our Dr and he will be able to discuss and advise you at that stage if further treatment/action is required.  At present there is no system better than the expertly trained human eye at clinically diagnosing melanoma. 
Dr Ranga will examine your moles with a dermatoscope to check the clinical signs of moles and to see if any may have developed into a melanoma or look suspicious. The advent of the dermatoscope (an illuminated hand-held lens with magnification) increases the clinical diagnostic ability of the Doctor. Once your skin has been assessed the Doctor will then tell you of the most appropriate skin surveillance follow-up programme tailored to your skin type and clinical risk. Sun protection and avoidance advice as well as self check guidelines will also be discussed.

Mole Checking & Skin Screening...


I found a couple of moles on my underarm was slightly worried so booked a consultation. There was nothing to worry about but I had 2 moles removed, all went very well, fantastic Doctor and clean facility and a wonderful after care service. 
Very easy to deal with, rang the surgery and had my consultation and the following week the procedure was done very quickly.also a wonderful conversation had throughout the procedure.
Thank you all. 

Aidan, Feb '16

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