A wart or verruca is a little growth found usually on the hands or the feet. It looks like a cauliflower and a permanent hard blister. They are often caused by a viral infection and there are lots of different types of warts & verrucae. 
To eleminate warts and verrucae, it is a good idea to have them paired & frozen. Pairing exposes the base of the wart or verruca and freezing destroys the skin cells inside so they can’t enlarge or spread any further.  After getting the wart frozen, the top of your skin may red and will hurt. Within a few hours, a blister will  form. Do not pop the blister. The roots of the wart are being separated from the skin and thus should not be able to regrow. In a  couple of days the blistering should go down and the skin will become hard. Refrain from picking at it. In a  couple weeks the skin and wart will die off. The skin will returm  to normal and there should be no scarring.
In extreme cases or in the case of very stubborn warts/verrucae then Cantherone treatment is an option here at Carrigtwohill Clinic. This involves a special medical grade chemical being applied topically to the skin.  This liquid involves painless application & produces blistering which leaves no permanent scars.

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