Allergy Testing...



  • Tomato            

  • Orange                  

  • Wheat                    

  • Rice                       

  • Oat     

  • Latex    



  • Cows Milk      

  • Potato   

  • Egg White  

  • Soya    

  • Strawberry   

  • Cod          

  • Peanut  

  • Maize 

Allergens Tested:     

  • Tree Mixture                          

  • Timothy Grass                        

  • Birch                                       

  • Derm/Dust Mite                            

  • Horse Hair                              

  • Cat Hair                                 

  • Dog Hair                               

  • Feathers                                

What is an Allergy?


An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system over-reacts to normally harmless substances (called allergens). These substances may be in the air or what you touch or eat. Allergies are a contributing factor to conditions such as hay fever, asthma and eczema. 


Symptoms vary and can cause sneezing, a runny nose, watery, itchy eyes, irritated and itchy throat, stuffy blocked nose, pain in abdomen, bloating, and a skin rash.


Eczema & dermatitis can occur causing itchy, red rashes.


Allergies to some foods can cause urticaria (itchy blisters and red patches on the skin). 


Allergy Testing...

We perform the skin prick test, suitable for approx 7yrs old and above, where a needle is pricked into the skin through a drop of the suspected allergen, usually on the forearm. The size of the wheal and surrounding redness on the skin indicates how strongly you are allergic to a particular allergen. We usually test for >20 substances at one time .

Certain allegens can also be tested using specific blood tests and we can advise and perform these if necessary.

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"Excellent allergy test for my little girl.

Dr Ranga never left us through the whole 50 min process. Extremely impressed."   Tanya, Cork. Mar'14


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